An Example of the Putting Revolving Loan Funds to Work in Our Community.


Flaming Gorge Market in Manila, Utah



Program Description

The Uintah Basin Association of Governments Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) Program was established with the funding from the United States Economic Development Administration and the Community Development Block Grant. The goal of the UBAOG RLF Program is to create jobs, encourage private investment and provide an additional financing alternative for small start-up or expanding businesses.

Eligibility Requirements

Businesses must meet certain eligibility requirements in order to receive funding from the loan RLF program, including

  • Business establishments must be located or willing to locate within Daggett, Duchesne or Uintah Counties.
  • Businesses must be willing to create or retain at least one (1) full-time equivalent (FTE) job for each $25,000 of RLF monies requested (within two years) of receiving RLF funding.
  • Businesses must make 51% of the jobs created or retained available to low and moderate income individuals.
  • UBAOG approval for requested financing must be obtained prior to project initiation.

Financing Guidelines

Each loan application will be evaluated individually by the UBAOG Economic Development and General Boards of Directors using the following guidelines:

Leverage: At least 70% of the total project costs must be funded through private resources, such as loans from financial institutions and new equity injections.

Loan Amount: The minimum loan amount is $5,000 and the maximum loan amount is $100,000 for each individual borrower. These limits may be reduced or expanded with Board approval.

Loan Terms: Loan terms are one to seven years for working capital, two to ten years for machinery and equipment, and up to twenty years for purchase of buildings and land. Longer amortization periods are available.

Interest Rate: The interest rate shall be determined on a case-by-case basis, and shall range from a minimum of 50% of the prime rate of interest to a maximum of the prime rate of interest plus 200 basis points. The interest rate is fixed for the loan term.

Loan Application Denials: The borrower must have at least two (2) letters from financial institutions stating denials for loans requested for the full project amount.

Collateral: Collateral requirements are to be determined on an individual basis. The security interest may be subordinated to private sector lenders participating in the project. Personal guarantees are required.

Use of Loan Funds:

Funds may be used to assist a business in:

  • Purchase of land or existing building
  • Purchase of furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Tenant improvements
  • Financing of working capital
  • Buyouts by purchase of assets or stock

Application Procedure

To obtain an RLF application contact:


330 E 100 S

Roosevelt, UT 84066

Phone: (435) 722-4518

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Within 20 working days of application submittal, UBAOG staff will inform the applicant of any additional information needed in the application. Completed applications will be forwarded to the UBAOG Boards for approval

Loan Fees:

Loan fees include a loan application fee, a loan origination fee and a payment of legal and closing costs.