Roosevelt HEAT Office

330 E 100 S

Roosevelt, Utah 84066




(Home Energy Assistance Target)

The HEAT Program begins on November 1 and closes on September 30 each year.  The phone lines are open the second week of October to accept calls to schedule appointments for the HEAT Season. 

 HEAT provides a one time utility assistance payment to low-income households, targeting those who are truly vulnerable- the lowest income households with the highest heating costs: the disabled, elderly and families with preschool-age children. 

Vernal HEAT Office

1625 W Hwy 40, Dinah Plaza

Mailing: PO Box 882 

Vernal, Utah 84078


State HEAT website

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have changes that are being implemented.


  • The State of Utah HEAT Program has extended the HEAT season though the summer, so clients may apply for HEAT for our current heat season. 


The following list is what the clients will need to bring when they come for their appointment:

  1. Picture Identification, one of the following for each adult over the age of 18: Passport, Current Driver’s License, State ID, US Citizenship & Immigration, Permanent Resident papers

  2. Social Security cards for everyone living in the household at the time of application

  3. A copy of the most recent and active utility bills from each utility supplier (gas/propane/wood/oil/coal/electric)

  4. Proof of ALL income received by all household members in the month prior to the appointment, or in the month prior to the date the application is mailed or is completed by an outreach worker.  Income is considered to be the following:  Wages, Self Employment, Unemployment, Workman’s Compensation, Child Support, Alimony, Rental Income, Oil & Gas payments, etc.

  5. Proof of medical expenses paid in the month prior to the month of the appointment

  6. Proof of any child support and/or alimony paid in the month prior to the month of the appointment

  7. Proof of disability

  8. Proof of at least one child in the home age five (5) or under (birth certificate or  blessing certificate, hospital birth record, etc.)

  • If there is missing information after the initial appointment, the client will have 10 days to return the requested verification.  The HEAT worker does have 45 days  from the date of the appointment to complete the work on the application.  The State of Utah will issue a letter giving the client the dollar amount of the HEAT benefit received. The application may be denied if the client does not return all requested verification or falsifies their information.


A mail in application is available at the following website:

Three other discount programs offered in conjunction with HEAT are for Moon Lake Electric, Dominion Energy and Rocky Mountain Power customers.  

Moon Lake customers are required to apply at least 25% of their benefit to the electric account to receive the $100 Residential Energy Assistance. The client will need to take the letter from the State of Utah to their local office.

Dominion customers will receive $75 Energy Assistance payment applied to their account when they become eligible for a HEAT benefit.

Rocky Mountain Power has HELP (Home Energy Lifeline Program) which gives the customer up to $13.41 a month credit for a year when they are eligible for the HEAT Program.

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